6Connect helps businesses find and manage couriers

SINGAPORE, 31-Sep-2017 – Need to make a delivery, but tired of calling the couriers to check prices? Fear not, 6Connect wants to help you find the right courier services, and book-n-track them from a single dashboard.
6Connect is a Singapore based startup that came out from beta early this year. There are many different courier services in Singapore and there is a lack of public information to determine which is better. Furthermore, integrating the courier services into your business process can be a challenge as every courier have different ways to book them.
6connect is positioned to address that issue and help businesses streamline their logistics operation. With over 10 courier services to choose from, companies can find a wide range of services and make the booking through the platform. From same day delivery, next day delivery to e-commerce delivery, it is easy to compare the services and manage your documents/parcels/goods.
Order Detail
Order Detail
“More than 80% of the companies in Singapore makes at least one delivery every week, and more than 20% have to do deliveries on a daily basis” said Jason Cheng, Co-Founder. “6Connect wants to make delivery booking and management easy for businesses with our comprehensive tools.”
And there is more to it.
One of the key benefits that 6Connect offers to its users is the reach to many traditional couriers via its other product, 6Parcels.com. 6Parcels provides a comprehensive solution for traditional couriers to manage their own delivery business. So besides able to receive new customers from 6Connect, traditional couriers are able to catch up with technology advancements and continue to flourish in the market.
6Connect starts with a no-obligation free plan for SMEs to use.