6Connect supports Qoo10 and Shopee templates

eQoo10 and Shopee are two of the top marketplaces which many merchants sell their products.One of the most common requests which we always get is whether the user is able to integrate their eCommerce platforms to our system. Of cos, the benefits are that they do not have to key in the orders manually again.

As integration with another system usually involves both parties, so it is not so easy for us to support every eCommerce in the market. Qoo10 and Shopee are two of the most popular eCommerce platform in Singapore. So we decided that we can help by supporting their order files in our system.

Support Qoo10 and Shopee templates

So now, you can download your order file from Qoo10 and Shopee, make a small changes and upload it into our system. Wala! Your orders are ready to be delivered to your customers 🙂

For simplicity, below are 3 simple steps (hmm, why is it always 3…) to getting your orders processed for delivery. Instructions are very simple and easy to follow. Do not worry, if you get it wrong, 6Connect will return you an error to inform you.

Guides on using Qoo10 / Shopee template

We hope this feature will help our customers get their orders processed faster and easier. 6Connect team will continue to keep improving our features to serve you better 🙂