Shopify integrated with 6Connect


We have finally finished the integration of Shopify with 6Connect šŸ™‚

So if you are using shopify for your e-commerce business in Singapore, you can now integrate it with 6Connect and settle the delivery with ease.

Integration is easy

Integration with Shopify within 30secs
  1. Go to 6Connect and click on “E-Commerce” in the LHS menu.
  2. Click on the Shopify icon and provide us with your shopify inforamtion
  3. Next, you will be brought to the Shopify website to approval the integration.
  4. After authentication is done, you will be redirect back to the 6Connect website
  5. Integration Done!

So how to pull my Shopify orders to 6Connect

Simply click on the “Sync” button, and we will pull all the latest orders over. Take a look at our tutorial video.

How do i assign the orders to the couriers?

  1. Click on the order that you wish to deliver and click “Request Delivery” icon.
  2. The order items will be pulled to the Delivery Request Form, together with all the delivery information already filled in.
  3. Choose the delivery timing and the courier services will be displayed.
  4. Choose the courier service to use.
  5. Review and confirm your delivery request


Great, the courier has collected. But how do me and my customers track the orders?

For you, you can actually check the order status from the order listing page. For your customer, they can track the delivery status from your personalised tracking page or via shopify link.


I am not using shopify, can I use this with other shopping carts platform?

At the moment, the short answer is no. But we are already integration other populat shopping carts and you can check the status anytime from our website (

Alternatively, drop us an email and our friendly tech support will see how we can help you streamline your logistics operation šŸ™‚