Driver App is a must for courier to win the E-Commerce market

Having a Driver App in your business operation is key to winning the next delivery contract from your E-Commerce suppliers.

This is also one of the key reasons that traditional couriers are falling far behind from new entrants. The new entrants started off with a technology team to develop the software system that can provide the following:

  • Paperless POD via E-Signature
  • Real-time update
  • Driver Location Tracking
  • Dynamic Job allocations via driver’s location and routes

To develop such technologies is an uphill task for existing couriers, as it requires hefty technology investment, change of operations and hiring a tech team which they have no experience in managing.

6Parcels is your extended tech team

6Parcels is a key product of 6Connect, where it provides any couriers to be able to

  1. Take on the jobs from the 6Connect customers, and
  2. Manage their own delivery jobs

Today, we have made some enhancements to the driver app, so as to help the couriers take on the tech startups and the logistics juggernauts.

General Improvements in Driver App

  1. To help driver read better, we have adjusted the text size to improve visibility under the sun.
  2. The Last Sync time is displayed on the order listing page to let driver aware when is the last time the app sync with the server.
  3. The search speed of the app has been generally improved.

Google Navigation

Not sure how to get to the place? Fear not. We have added a navigation icon beside the pickup/delivery addresses. Now, you can call up Google Map and it will show you the way!


Batch Collection

driver app menu

driver app batch collect feature

In most of the E-Commerce deal, the driver needs to go down to collect many parcels from the warehouse at one-go. To make it easier for the driver, we have introduced a function called “Batch Collect“. Batch Collect allows the driver to scan multiple parcels’ barcode/QRCode in one-go, and update them to “Collected” (or any other preferred status type.)

To use this new feature, the driver will need to be equipped with a Bluetooth Barcode/QR code scanner.


So, have you started using our Driver App yet? No, download from here.