6Connect starting its first blog today

Since we founded 6Connect, we have been looking at different ways and methods to improve the logistics industry.

While we found that there are many new last-mile players that leverage on the concept of resource optimization and sharing economy to disrupt the market,, we think that the industry still lack a solution that let SMEs and large corporates to manage control over their logistics partners and benchmarking the quality efficiently.

6Connect is founded to address this gap.

The approach is to provide a platform for companies to manage their logistics partners across their departments and staffs. The platform provides a freemium model approach as we understand that the margin for delivery is thin.

We believe by bringing all couriers on-board of our platform in Singapore and across the world, we can build a logistics economy with data that can truly bring true improvements to the industry.

Please keep us in your mind as we continues to provide you with news about the industry, as well as features updates in 6Connect.


Sean Seah
Technical Director