4 Types Of Local Couriers commonly found in Singapore

Courier services in Singapore is a tough business, as compared to its neighbouring countries. With a limited market size, high manpower costs and working under the sun all-days, it is hard to find drivers and earning a decent margin. It is a job that receive complaints when things goes wrong, and no one thank you if they done it right.
However, courier services is vital to almost every businesses.
In Singapore, there generally four types of local courier companies.

Home Delivery Couriers

Home Delivery couriers focus on making deliveries for E-Commerce websites such as Lazada, Qoo10 etc. Their operation needs to be very cost efficient. The delivery goods are collected and consolidated into the warehouse first. After that, the parcels will be sorted and dispatch to each driver based on the areas they are in-charge.
Some of the key players are Roadbull and Ninjavan.

Business Dispatch Couriers

Business Dispatch Couriers focus on document and parcel delivery for corporate clients. Corporate clients prefers to source for a courier and sign a yearly contract with them. As the corporate clients are situated mostly in business districts with regular deliveries, the couriers will usually arrange a driver to go and do daily collection.
Most of the time, business dispatch couriers provide next-day and same-day delivery at competitive prices.
The popular ones in Singaporeare roadmaster and network couriers.
Lady receiving parcels from courier
Lady receiving parcels from courier

Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery firms usually have their own fleet of vans and small trucks to do deliveries for fixed set of locations e.g. restaurant deliveries. They tends to be small firms and only take contractual jobs. Usually, it is hard to find their contacts online because they get their jobs through referrals.
Some of the good deliveries companies have specialised services such as Cold Storage or food deliveries.

CrowdSourcing Couriers

There has been a growing number of couriers that does not own any drivers, but uses a crowd-sourced pool of drivers to dispatch jobs. Orders are booked through a mobile booking app and the assigned driver will accept or reject the jobs accordingly.
Some key players : Gogovan, Lalamove, Fastfast & Zap Delivery.

Right people for the right job

Choosing the right one will ensure that your delivery jobs are in the safe hands of experience drivers and meet the right expectations.