Hide your pickup detail from Tracking page

Last weekend is probably one of the busiest days in the E-Commerce Industry. Still, our developers work relentlessly to roll-up new features as fast as we could. Since its the busiest day, we can only roll-out some minor upgrades on our tracking pages. Even though they look simple, it helps our clients!

Hide my pickup address

This is definitely one of the hottest feature requests we have. As with many businesses, they do not like to have their customers know where is the location of their goods. Especially when they check the delivery status from the online tracking page. So, we are now able to allow organizations to hide the collection address from the consignment print note and also from the online tracking pages.

If you will like to enable this feature, simply go to your organization profile > Toggle the button “Show Collection Address” under the “Consignment Note” section.

(Note: if your consignments are printed by the couriers, it will still show the pickup address though. Only your track page will not show the pickup address for this case.)

Once you hide it, you will only see the Organization Name without the pickup address.

Tracking page without pickup address
Tracking page without pickup address

This may not be the killer feature to most of our corporate clients. But for our clients who have an E-Commerce business, this is a key feature they would need from their couriers.

Can I have my own tracking page?

Our public track page can be found at https://www.6connect.biz/track. However, one may wonder if you can have your own personalized track page.

Of cos you do! In fact, this feature has been there for awhile. To find your online public track page, go to Organizations first. You should see the list of organizations that you belong to.  Next, click on the “Open Tracking URL” and the browser will open a new tab showing your very own tracking page.

Personalised Online Public Tracking Page
You can create your own personalized online public tracking page

More features are rolling out this festive season, stay tuned.