New E-Commerce Features on 6Connect

Courier services are picking up!

October is usually the month when we starts to experience increase enquiries for courier services. Our customers will need to prepare for the upcoming festive season. Many e-Commerce businesses are expected to hit their peak, and large corporates has gifts to send to their VIP clients.

All our courier services have to be pre-booked usually. Nonetheless, thats not going to stop us enhancing our system to provide our customers and couriers with better features to help them delivery their goods effortlessly.

So here are two new features that we have roll-out this week šŸ™‚

1. Able to see all your e-Commerce orders in one listing

Previously, in order to see your orders, you have to click to “Stores” and then click “Orders”. We have added a page “Orders” under “E-Commerce” so that our users can see all their orders directly and quickly assign them for delivery. Checking the status also become easier as well.

e-commerce menu
E-Commerce menu to integrate with your shopping carts and view delivery status of your orders.

2. Create your own Public Tracking page for your organisation

Tired of directing your customers to different couriers’ tracking page?

Provide your own tracking page to your customers to give a unified experience. Regardless of how many courier services that you are using, your customers can come to this page to track their orders.

Company Public Tracking Page
Personalised Public Tracking Page to provide a unified buyer experience.




How do i get the URL to my personalised tracking page.

Click on your user profile on the top-right corner, and choose “Organisations”. From there, you can see the organisations that you have. If your tracking page has already been enabled, you will see the link “Open Track URL”. If its not enabled, click on your organisation name and enable it under the “Advance Feature”.

Organisation's Public Track Page
Screenshot – Click on “Open Track URL” to see your own unique public tracking page for your organisation.


Need any new features? Drop us a note via and we will come back to you šŸ™‚

Sean Seah