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Is my parcels insured?

All parcels are insured by the couriers that you have chosen to do the job. The insured amount is indicated in the system when you choose the service.

The driver did not come to collect the parcel / document. What can I do?

In the case of a mis-collection, we recommend that you make an arrangement with the appointed courier company to pickup the item(s) again. You may also cancel the delivery and reassign the delivery request to a new courier company.

The courier company deliver my parcels, but its not within the requested delivery time.

You may wish to leave a feedback on our system regarding the late delivery. This will affect the future rating of the courier and make them be more aware of the importance of punctuality.

What should I do if the parcel is lost or damaged?

There are insurance coverage for up to $100 per delivery.

However, Plsbe assured that the courier partners onboard are very reliable & have been audited to ensure they are able to meet 6Connect SLA (Service level agreement).

The courier company lost my parcel. What can I do?

In the unfortunate event that the parcel is lost by the courier company, you may seek compensation from them directly.

6Connect team will assist you by providing the information in our system with regards to the job. However, we do hope you can resolve this amicably with the courier company if its an honest mistake.

If failed delivery or collection how?

Failed delivery:
If there is a failed delivery, 6Connect will inform the customer of the failed delivery. Some of the couriers like EWC & Roadbull will provide 1 free re-delivery. Others will charge extra delivery cost. 6connect will inform the customers of the options they have to arrange for the re-delivery.

Failed collection:
If there is a failed collection, usually half the delivery charge still be chargeable.

In the event courier reject the job how?

6Connect will help to reassign the delivery job to the next most suitable courier & inform the customer about it. There is no need to reprint the POD as for reassigning job for tracking ID is the same.

What if the system is down? How? Has the system ever been down before? Where are the data stored? Will it get lost?

Our current uptime is more than 99% since we started running in 2016. The major system update is always done after office hours and on Friday night / Weekend.

Data are all stored on Amazon Cloud Servers so there are better protection that it will not be lost as there are many layers of protection of data on the cloud server.