Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have your own drivers?

6Connect does not manage its own fleet of drivers. We believe in maintaining our neutral position, and focus on improving our delivery service provider’s quality.

But I do not want to deal with choices?
I just want to deliver our goods fast.

For clients who preferred not to deal with choosing and managing the couriers by themselves, they may consider our 6Connect Managed Service.
6Connect Managed Service helps you to find the right couriers to do the deliveries. Please contact our sales team for more details.

I like your platform, but my company is already using an existing courier.

6Connect welcomes any courier to join our platform. We will conduct assessment check to verify the integrity of the courier to ensure they comply with our Service Level Requirements.
By managing your existing courier though 6Connect, you are able to compare their performance with other couriers through our proprietary rating system.

Won’t it be cheaper if we go directly to the individual courier companies?

No, going directly to courier companies will not be cheaper.
6connect consolidates the volume from many customers, allowing us to get better services   rates from the courier companies.