:: Most Frequently Asked

Do you have your own drivers?

6Connect does not manage its own fleet of drivers. We believe in maintaining our neutral position, and focus on improving our delivery service provider’s quality.

Is my data safe with you?

All couriers on board our platform have to sign a PDPA contract with 6Connect to ensure that they do not use or resell customer information they get from our platform.

For 6connect, only a few key personnel will have access to all the Personal data stored on our platform. All 6Connect employees are educated & acknowledge the importance of PDPA.

But I do not want to deal with choices? I just want to deliver our goods fast.

For clients who preferred not to deal with choosing and managing the couriers by themselves, they may consider our 6Connect Managed Service. 6Connect Managed Service helps you to find the right couriers to do the deliveries. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Won’t it be cheaper if we go directly to the individual courier companies?

No, going directly to courier companies will not be cheaper. 6connect consolidates the volume from many customers, allowing us to get better services rates from the courier companies.

If I have to deliver special goods like hampers or frozen foods?

6Connect have a specialised team whom will assists you to find a courier that resolve your problem. A special pre-approved service will be created to cater for your special needs.

My company have regular deliveries job. Can I get a corporate rates?

Yes. Can I know the following details so I can get a better understanding & try to get a better rates for you:

  1. Roughly how frequent is your delivery by week or month? You need same day, next day, 3hour or ecommerce delivery?
  2. What is the usual parcel size & qty?
  3. It convenient to let us know who is helping you with this delivery currently & how much you are paying?
  4. Where is the collection point & usually delivery point?

Does your courier goes to Jurongisland or restricted areas?

Yes. There are courier partners on board 6connect that goes to Jurong Island & restricted areas.

You just need to click on the Surcharge button that indicate other restriction areas will do & the additional cost will be displayed.

How do I get started?

Getting started with 6Connect is easy.

Register an account with us via this link. After you have registered, you can following this tutorial to place your delivery order.