Invest in 6Connect

6Connect is an aspiration to change the logistics industry to a better greener business.

The industry is often under-appreciated for their hard work to ensure customers get their deliveries on-time and in good shape. Technologies and ridiculous fundings are also making it hard for the small old players to make decent margins.

Yet, most often than not, the honest hard working driver on the risky road are not reaping the most benefits from this industry.

We want to change that.

We believe we can improve all these that by creating an eco-system platform that makes it easy for any couriers to grow along with the technological advancement. We want the businesses to be able to get transparent access to the courier companies that are doing the actual delivery works while not compromising the quality and speed of the delivery.

That's the spirit of 6Connect and we need funding to reach our objective.

How to Invest in Us

The funding goes to continuous improvements in our technology and also to market our platform to more corporate clients. If you share our vision, we like you to consider investing in us.

The founders can be reached via