Document and parcel dispatch services

Document/Parcel Delivery

Suitable for companies who needs to delivery documents / parcels to their customers on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Delivery services for E-Commerce


If you own a blog shop or selling things online, you will need to engage a trust-worthy logistic firms to help you deliver your products.

Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery

For companies that needs to use van or lorry to deliver their goods to multiple locations.

Logistic procurement platform


To manage all their fulfillments across multiple logistics partners efficiently via a smart platform.

Same/Next Day Delivery

Same/Next Day Delivery

Deliver fast with Proof-of-Delivery and e-mail notification.

Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

Offers the flexibility to set the delivery time, or use our SMS services to let your customer decide.

Courier Delivery Scheduling

6Connect is a logistics company platform that compares prices and assigns deliveries based on multiple delivery companies and provides tracking capabilities to the customer in Singapore. Our purpose and main goal is to manage deliveries for our customers and take the stress out of providing that service to their customers. We want to be your go-to source for courier delivery scheduling.

Upload multiple deliveries at once through our platform and an excel format and let us do the rest. You can use our software and not be bound by the large couriers and their software programs that make you feel as if you are trapped. Our company can integrate into existing software and the transition is seamless. Our specialty is to take deliveries from the customer, assign them to multiple delivery companies, and provide proof of delivery and email verification.

All of these deliveries will be done with cost and time efficiency in mind. Management of deliveries includes documents and parcels. Delivery vehicles may include trucks, vans, and may even occur by lorry. We can accommodate any of these types of couriers and can schedule accordingly. We can help you deliver several items to multiple stops and it can actually be affordable.

We can accommodate the next-day, same-day, and urgent same-day delivery in Singapore

We can help with the 2-way deliveries and the deliveries that require the personal hand delivered touch. Our extensive list of couriers will ensure that we get the job done to your specifications. The best part of our logistics platform in Singapore is that your business can require extensive deliveries on a regular basis or can have sporadic deliveries.

Regardless of your delivery volume, we can help with your delivery needs for a cost-efficient price. Let us do all the back-end work and find the best deals for your courier needs. Let your employees get back to what they do best and let us handle your deliveries in Singapore.