Delivery services for E-Commerce


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Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery

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Logistic procurement platform


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Same/Next Day Delivery

Same/Next Day

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Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

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Document and parcel delivery

Document / Parcel Courier Dispatch Services

We understand the hassle of business face to keep contacts of multiple couriers in their phone to meet their daily courier needs. Getting the best price & finding a reliable courier is a tedious process & your regular courier might not always be available.

Today, 6Connect can provide you the solution to your problems !

When delivering parcels or even documents, the courier you select should be the most reliable and cost-efficient courier. Large companies can overcharge for dispatch services, especially if they are same day letter services. You want to find a cheaper courier for that type of service, maybe someone who is local. Next day parcel services may be less expensive with the larger courier companies.


In the past, Acc Pro Accounting will call XYZ courier to send a document. When they need 2 way return trip, they have to use ABC courier for better pricing. If they need urgent delivery, they have to call DEF company. If DEF courier have no manpower for urgent delivery, then they have to take a cab to do delivery on their own.

Lucky for them, they found 6Connect. Now, no matter if it is same day or urgent deliveries or 2 way return trip, Acc pro only need to submit the order online & the system will match them with the most efficient courier companies to do their jobs. Acc Pro managed to acheive more than 40% savings on their month deliveries cost; their staffs are also happier as submitting a delivery job is 100% faster now.

Who is it suitable ?

  • Insurance company
  • Banks
  • Accounting firms
  • Shipping firms
  • Trading firms
  • Design agency
  • Gift companies
  • Travel agencies
  • etc.

Let 6Connect do all the legwork for you to find your company the best price for the job you have, regardless if it is large or small.

Our dispatch service will find the perfect courier for your parcel and document delivery needs.

All orders can be submitted online and with one click we will take over and start delegating and finding you the best rates for the specific deliveries you have in mind. This frees up time for your staff to work on other projects.

Once we have selected the delivery courier, we will then ensure that a POD is sent and that an email confirmation is delivered to your business. This provides proof that the delivery occurred and met the deadline you specify. This allows your business to move forward on the next phase of business.