Document and parcel dispatch services


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Delivery services for E-Commerce


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Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery

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Same/Next Day Delivery

Same/Next Day

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Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

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Logistic procurement platform

Logistic Procurement Platform

Logistics procurement is the key to a successful business. 6Connect in Singapore can provide all of your business courier needs. Their software program has the ability to schedule deliveries through couriers in a cost and time-efficient manner. Now, the staff that is in charge of scheduling deliveries and tracking those deliveries can have time to focus on the business at hand.

Dispatching of courier delivery services occurs through the delivery platform and all Proof of Delivery and email verifications are sent to the customer who is scheduling the orders. This application is an amazing way to manage your 3rd party logistics and run a business that is productive. Often times a business may run into emergencies that can cause delivery emergencies. These emergencies can cause financial setbacks to occur and without a proper logistics company in place, these setbacks can be financially disastrous.

With the power of 6Connect, they can provide solutions to your issues that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Their logistical outreach extends to dozens of courier companies instead of the one or two. This gives the customer power in selecting the best courier for the job and forces couriers to compete.


DBX Bank have 10 courier companies on their panels now. Their branch relationship managers (RM) can use any of the 10 companies to make a delivery. However, it take more than 1 hour each time to arrange a delivery. Why? Because these 10 couriers are only take the deliveries using the phone & sometime it is not easy to call through. For urgent deliveries, you have to make at least 3 – 5 phone calls to find the courier to do the job for you. They will also need to make another 2 – 3 phones calls to check if the job is delivered. Beside that, the branch RM usually use the one they are closest too rather than the one more efficient or more cost effective.

Today, 6Connect offer a neutral delivery booking platform for DBX to put all these 10 couriers on board. Their staff can use the platform to make a delivery request anytime they need within mins. All orders will be dynamically match with the most efficient couriers given the nature of product & target delivery destination & time.

6Connect will also provide the mobile app for the couriers to update the delivery status and POD real time. Now the branches RM can save more than 100% of their time to get more sales rather than making deliveries & chasing for delivery status.

Who is it suitable ?

  • Banks
  • Big Firms
  • Insurance firms
  • FMCG
  • etc.